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Estro- Womans Health
Estro- Womans Health

Estro- Womans Health

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This organic and plant-based women's health supplement is here to get your reproductive health and hormones back in balance! Watch your body bloom and transform with this amazing blend of natural ingredients. It's time to get your glow on! šŸŒ¼

Damiana- increases genital genital blood flow and sensitivity, balances hormones to shrink fibroids.

Hydrangea- anti inflammatory.Ā 

Red Clover- reduces hot flashes, soothes breast tenderness, and eases premenstrual or menopausal cramps, helps increase estrogen.

Blue Vervain- reduces cramps.

Irish Sea Moss- balances the thyroid gland.

Muicle- supports the production of new blood.

Sarsaparilla- reduces pain and enhances detoxification, increases sexual desire.

Ā Ā 
Bladderwrack- antiestrogenic effects lower the risk of estrogen-dependent diseases.Ā Ā 

Directions: Take 2-3 capsules- 2 times a day- when the sun rises & goes down. Do not take while pregnant or nursing.Ā 

Caffeine freeĀ 

90Ā Vegetable CelluloseĀ Capsules

8 ozĀ