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Ph Me Please- Boric Acid
Ph Me Please- Boric Acid
Ph Me Please- Boric Acid

Ph Me Please- Boric Acid

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Discover balance and comfort with our 99.9% pure boric acid. Restore your Ph balance and relieve vaginal issues - our Ph Me Please product is proven to increase acidity, making it the perfect solution for a healthy vagina! Feel confident today with an effective, natural product.

Ingredients: 99.9% Boric acid 

How it works:

Your vagina is an acidic self-cleaning  environment that can be disrupted with, sex, exercise, clothing, medications, exercise, and soaps. The bacteria balance in  the vaina gets thrown Ph  when it becomes less acidic. When this happens bad bacteria thrive and can cause smelly odors, itching, discharge, and other issues.
Boric Acid restores vaginal balance by increasing the acidity.

Only for vaginal uses only, do not take by mouth! 
Insert 1 capsule into vahina as needed, ideally at bedtime.
If needed, use 1 suppository every 12 hours. 
30 Suppositories-
600 mg- Vegetable Capsules