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Iron- Cell Energizer
Iron- Cell Energizer

Iron- Cell Energizer

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Tired of feeling run-down? Give your cells a power-up with this Iron-Cell Energizer! This organic, plant-based booster is an iron-rich revitalizer that pumps oxygen-rich blood to your brain, nervous system, and lymphatic system. Plus, you'll get reduced cravings for all those not-so-healthy additives. Let's get energized!


Quassia Chips- purges parasites, mucus, and putrid waste from the bowel.

Bugleweed- encourages detoxification and reduces intestinal inflammation. 

Blessed Thistle- regulates appetite, soothes indigestion, and regulated blood pressure. 

Chaparral- supports digestive and respiratory functions.

Elderberry- reduces mucus.

Valerian- relaxed nerves and supports oxygen delivery to the brain.

Nettle- general health tonic and blood purifier. 

Directions: Take two to three- capsules- two times a day- when the sun rises & goes down. 

Do not take while pregnant or nursing.

90 Capsules

8 oz