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Organic Vervain

Organic Vervain

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Latin name: Verbana officinalis

Health Benefits of Vervain

The unique composition of the acids and phytochemicals in Blue Vervain make it a very potent and fast-acting herb.  This herb is known as a natural tranquilizer and a relaxer for the nervous system. Blue Vervain is also one of the best herbs to help prevent the onset of a virus or fending off an upper respiratory infection.  Other health benefits include: 

  • As a diuretic, it stimulates the release of urine, helping eliminate toxins, and protecting the liver and kidneys.
  • Treats urinary tract/bladder infections.
  • Soothes the nervous system, reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. 
  • Lowers pain and inflammation, such as headache and arthritis.   
  • Protects the immune system.  
  • Expectorant qualities help alleviate chest congestion by expelling phlegm.
  • Clears up respiratory tract.
  • Helps balance hormones.
  • Helpful for insomnia.
  • Anti-parasitic, so it helps the body expel worms.
  • Eases menstruation discomfort.
  • Stimulates milk production for nursing mothers.
  • Used for oral health, such as gingivitis and sore gums. 

Nutritional Benefits of Vervain

  • Contains Vitamins C and E.
  • Also contains calcium and magnesium. 

How to Use Vervain

  • Most often used as a prepared tea or infusion.  Also can be made into a tincture for stronger medicine.
  • Use as a poultice for pain such as a headache.
  • Use as a mouthwash for oral health. 

Cautions and Side Effects of Vervain

  • May cause upset stomach or mild rash on skin, in high doses.