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Organic Catnip

Organic Catnip

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Latin name: Nepeta cataria

Health Benefits of Catnip

Catnip is safe for children and adults alike, effective, and easy to use.  It is an excellent calming herb, used in all manners of stress.  It is highly prized in childrens formulas because if its gentle nature.  Health benefits include: 

  • Has antispasmodic properties which help to aid digestion. This also helps to relieve gas and stomach cramps, which is a large cause of colic in babies. 
  • Has a sedative action, which aids in relaxation of stomach muscles, and also helps induce sleep for those with insomnia. 
  • Works great when combined with other herbs such as Fennel Seed and Peppermint Leaf and brewed into a tea. This is good for gas, colic, and indigestion. It has almost instant relief.  This combination also has wonderful flavor which makes it perfect for children.
  • It’s a traditional cold and flu remedy. 
  • It is a wonderful treatment for fever because it is a diaphoretic. This helps to induce sleep while producing perspiration without increasing body heat.
  • Works great as an enema, especially for children, when mixed with garlic and made into a tea. The garlic will help fight infection, and this can also help reduce fever.
  • Works great to help alleviate symptoms from various childhood diseases, and is great to help with diarrhea.
  • Essential oil of catnip works great as an insect repellant.
  • Beneficial for teething or toothaches.
  • Used in cases of delayed menstruation. It helps to bring about menses. 

How to Use Catnip

  • Great in tea combinations as well as tinctures, particularly a nervine tincture with other herbs as a sedative.  It is also helpful with the use of an enema as mentioned above. 

Fun Facts About Catnip

  • Often used for meat tenderizing. It can also be sprinkled on salads.