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Organic Chamomile
Organic Chamomile

Organic Chamomile

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Health Benefits of Chamomile Flowers

Latin name: Matricaria recutita

Chamomile Flowers can be used internally or externally to treat a myriad of ailments.  It is one of the best all-around children's herbs and is really quite versatile.  Health benefits include: 

  • Is a great sedative and relaxant. It helps settle the stomach and calm the nerves, and is an excellent nervine for children.
  • Used to treat colic, stress, and stomach disorders, especially in children.
  • Can be added to bath water to ease pain and itching from skin irritations such as eczema.
  • It has great anti-inflammatory properties that can help with ulcers, Crohn’s disease, and colitis.
  • Other uses include regulating menstrual flow, inducing perspiration, relieving symptoms from drug and smoking withdrawal, relieving nausea and vomiting, relieving bronchitis, urinary tract infections, headaches, and menstrual cramps.
  • Useful in relieving seasonal allergy symptoms.
  • Helps to improve appetite.  

Nutritional Benefits of Chamomile Flowers 

  • One of the best herbal sources of niacin, magnesium, and essential fatty acids.   

How to Use Chamomile Flowers

  • When used internally, taken in tinctures or tea combinations most commonly.  It has a delicious apple flavor!
  • When used externally, added to bath water. 

Cautions and Side Effects of Chamomile Flowers

  • If pregnant, use caution as too much chamomile can cause spontaneous abortion.  Chamomile is fine in small, weak doses, such as a diluted tea.  Just do not overdo.
  • Use caution if you have an allergy to ragweed, as chamomile may aggravate the symptoms from these ailments.
  • Should not be taken with other sedatives as in can increase the effect.
  • Can interfere with blood clotting so do not use in correlation with aspirin or other drugs that have anti-coagulating properties.